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About the Biology Students' Association

On this page, you will find more about the University of Calgary's Biology Students' Association (BSA), its governance structure and its work as a departmental club. 

You will also find the current Executive Council members, the BSA's 2022/2023 Constitution, the Executive Guide and other relevant documents. Keep scrolling!

What is the BSA?

The Biology Students' Association (BSA) is a Students' Union sanctioned, departmental club at the University of Calgary that aims to provide community engagement opportunities, academic resources & professional development to its members.


It was founded in 1994 with the purpose of supporting Biological Sciences students at the University of Calgary. Whether you are a student in Biochemistry, Cellular Molecular & Microbial Biology, Ecology, Plant Biology, Zoology or a general Biological Sciences student, the BSA aims to be a central hub for you to feel included on campus. 

The BSA is currently composed of an Executive Council of 6 members that manages the day to day affairs of the association. The BSA also has an advisory committee, the "BSA Committee", that is chaired by Dr. Heather Addy. This Committee provides any consultation to the BSA and is also a facet to promote communication between University administration and students.

More information can be found along this page in the document titled: BSA Constitution 2022/2023

Supporting Documents

Below, you will find the current, most updated Constitution for the BSA and soon find the Executive Guide, which outlines the roles and responsibilities for each of the six Executive positions. 

You'll also find the BSA's annual, Strategic Plan, which outlines our goals and vision for the upcoming, academic year. 

You will also find the BSA's annual report, which highlights all the accomplishments and work we have done in the past academic year. 

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