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Office: Biological Sciences, BI 025H

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About the Biology Students' Association

On this page, you will find more about the University of Calgary's Biology Students' Association (BSA), its governance structure and its work as a departmental club. 

You will also find the current Executive Council members, the BSA's 2018/2019 Constitution, the Executive Guide and other relevant documents. Keep scrolling!

What is the BSA?

The Biology Students' Association (BSA) is a Students' Union sanctioned, departmental club at the University of Calgary that aims to provide community engagement opportunities, academic resources & professional development to its members.


It was founded in 1994 with the purpose of supporting Biological Sciences students at the University of Calgary. Whether you are a student in Biochemistry, Cellular Molecular & Microbial Biology, Ecology, Plant Biology, Zoology or a general Biological Sciences student, the BSA aims to be a central hub for you to feel included on campus. 

The BSA is currently composed of an Executive Council of 6 members that manages the day to day affairs of the association. The BSA also has an advisory committee, the "BSA Committee", that is chaired by Dr. Heather Addy. This Committee provides any consultation to the BSA and is also a facet to promote communication between University administration and students.

More information can be found along this page in the document titled: BSA Constitution 2018/2019

Executive Council 2019/2020

Below, you will find the current Executive team that manages the day to day operations of the BSA. 

Aya Mansour


Aya is a fourth year student, majoring in Cellular, Molecular & Microbial Biology (CMMB). As President, Aya wants to introduce more networking and socializing events to strengthen the community within the Biological Sciences department. She also wants to expand opportunities available for students.

Urva Azeem

VP Outreach

Urva is a third year Biological Sciences student at the UofC. Her goal is to provide students with opportunities that further their interests and help them succeed in their program. Aside from school, her passions include photography, hiking and spending time with family and friends.  

Sana Jawad

VP Academic

Being in love with science all her life, Sana is excited to continue being a part of the BSA and making life better for other students. Sana is a third year Biological Sciences student and is eager to expand Course Profiles, BSA Awards and introduce new initiatives. Sana loves baking, photography and reading. 

Manuella Nsangou

VP Marketing

Manuella is a third year student very excited to be specializing in CMMB. As VP Marketing, she aims to use BSA’s platforms to further a sense of community between Biological Sciences students as well as a sense of pride in our department. She plans to effectively use as many venues as possible to make students aware of the amazing events and opportunities our club provides. In her free time, she loves to sing, dance and watch hockey.

Ahmed Ullah

VP Social Events

Ahmed is a fourth year Biological Sciences student. He wants to ensure that everyone in the program is able to attend fun events, meet new people, and enjoy university life overall. He strives to include everyone at these events, hoping to create a sense of community and belonging within the faculty. In his free time, he enjoys trying out new food spots in Calgary and watching Marvel movies.

Michelle Hua

VP Professional Events

Michelle is a third year Biochemistry student. She aims to promote a sense of community within the department of Biological Sciences, and provide educational and networking opportunities to help foster an environment for like-minded students. She strives to host events that would support individuals interested or engaged in science careers by allowing them to acquire the skills required for their personal development. In her spare time, Michelle likes to watch horror films.

Supporting Documents

Evan Zhou

VP Operations & Finance

Evan is a fourth year Biological Sciences student with an interest in molecular biology. He strives to promote a more interwoven community within the department of Biological Sciences. In his spare time, Evan loves playing the piano, badminton and exploring Calgary's food scene.

Jaime Neira

VP Internal Affairs

Jaime is a third year CMMB student with a passion for learning about how life works, particularly in terms of genetics, cellular development, and aging. For the BSA, Jaime is eager to help the BSA grow and provide more opportunities for students throughout the department. He is also interested in linguistics and soccer in his free time.

Omer Mansoor

Senior Advisor

Omer graduated from the Biological Sciences program in 2019 and is now the VP Operations and Finance of the Students' Union (SU). Having been elected as an SU Faculty of Science Representative in 2017, he brings a lot of experience to the Senior Advisor position. He aims to make the BSA a more professional, established and active departmental club on campus. Omer is also an avid soccer fan!

Below, you will find the current, most updated Constitution for the BSA and soon find the Executive Guide, which outlines the roles and responsibilities for each of the six Executive positions. 

You'll also find the BSA's annual, Strategic Plan, which outlines our goals and vision for the upcoming, academic year. 

You will also find the BSA's annual report, which highlights all the accomplishments and work we have done in the past academic year.