Executive Council

Below, you will find the 2020-2021 executive team that manages the day to day operations of the BSA. 


Michelle Hua


Michelle is a fourth year Biochemistry student. She aims to promote a sense of community within the department of Biological Sciences, and provide educational and networking opportunities to help foster an environment for like-minded students. She strives to host events that would support individuals interested or engaged in science careers by allowing them to acquire the skills required for their personal development. In her spare time, Michelle likes to watch horror films.

Subasthika Thangadurai

VP Marketing

Subasthika is a second year Biological Sciences student at UofC. As VP Marketing, her goal is to continue to make the BSA a welcoming and accessible space for the UofC community. She hopes to increase engagement and interconnectedness within the Biological Sciences department. In her free time, Subasthika loves to play curling and spend time outdoors with friends and family!


Jaime Neira

VP Internal Affairs

Jaime is a fourth year CMMB student with a passion for learning about how life works, particularly in terms of genetics, cellular development, and aging. For the BSA, Jaime is eager to help the BSA grow and provide more opportunities for students throughout the department. He is also interested in linguistics and soccer in his free time.


Manuella Nsangou

VP Academic

Manuella is a fourth year student specializing in CMMB. As VP Academic, she aims to provide resources for students to be able to prepare for their classes including information on how they will be delivered online. Through BSA’s platforms, she plans to remind students of important university Academic Schedule dates.

She is really looking forward to running the BSA Awards competition this year and recognizing outstanding biology students. Outside of her commitments, she loves to sing and dance and to skate.


Ekaksh Khurana

VP Operations & Finance

Ekaksh is a third year Biochemistry student with a deep interest in enzymology and drug design. He is hopeful that the BSA will be able to assist all Biological Sciences students during this pandemic and introduce various events and initiatives in order to accomplish that. He likes reading in his free time.


Sahej Toor

VP Professional Events

Sahej is a third year Biological Science student at UofC. Her goal as VP Professional Events this year is to host informative events that give students clarity about their post-undergraduate life. She aims to create a space where students feel comfortable asking questions and are able to gain more knowledge. In her free time, Sahej loves to watch hockey and tennis and she loves to bake!


Michelle Choi

VP Social Events

Michelle is a second year Biological Sciences student. She has a passion for bringing happiness to others and providing outlets for stress relief. She believes that although academics and career goals are important, it is equally important to have fun and take care of yourself! She hopes that she will be able to provide opportunities that will positively contribute to the overall university experience of Biology students. Outside of school, Michelle loves to sing, write songs and perform with her girl group “Found”.