Executive Council

Below, you will find the 2022-2023 executive team that manages the day to day operations of the BSA. 


Michelle Choi


Michelle is a fourth year Biological Sciences student. She is passionate about fostering a supportive and safe community for all students. As President of the BSA, she hopes to provide resources and opportunities for students to have a well-balanced life. She believes in the importance of having an outlet for stress relief and she hopes to positively contribute to the overall university experience of Biology students. Outside of school, Michelle loves to sing and perform with her girl group “Found”.

Kaya Wang_mr1663631802769.jpg

Kaya Wang

VP Marketing and Internal

Kaya is a fourth year Biological Sciences student who strives to provide guidance and resources for other Biosci students. She hopes that her role as VP Marketing will allow more students to see the social, academic, and professional benefits that the BSA can bring. Moreover, she hopes that she can give support to first year students to reduce the stress of a new environment and help navigate the ins and outs of a Biology degree. She has a love for graphic design and art, and can be found drawing, crocheting, and baking in her spare time.


Beverly Dong

VP Academic


Anika Arora

VP Finance


Emily Chow

VP Outreach

Emily is a fourth-year Biological Sciences student, specializing in CMMB. As VP Outreach, her goal is to help utilize the BSA in providing community volunteerism, especially involving stem programming. She hopes that by doing so, she can provide opportunities for BSA members to get involved in their community and to have a social place to interact. For fun, she enjoys practicing her gymnastics skills, baking, and watching a Blue Jays game.



Emma McConnell

VP Social Events


Myles Whelen

Co-VP Professional Events

Myles is a fourth-year honours CMMB student. As Co-VP Professional Events, he aims to provide BSA members with opportunities to develop their professional skills (such as resume writing and networking) and to help them discover new and exciting career possibilities stemming from a background in biological sciences. In his spare time, Myles enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and listening to music.


Trinity Tam

Co-VP Professional Events

Trinity is a fourth year Biological Sciences student at UofC. As Co-VP Professional Events she aims to provide informative resources to enhance students’ undergraduate experiences and help prepare them for post-undergraduate life. In her spare time, Trinity enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends.