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The BSA takes part of the Students' Union Jr Executive Program and would not be able to function as well without the huge input of its Jr Executives; Coordinators.

Four of the BSA's biggest portfolios: Academic, Marketing, Professional Events and Social Events benefit from the invaluable help of Coordinators, check out their teams below!

Academic Team


Left to Right: Beverly Dong (VP Academic), Maddy Fraser, Muskaan Puri, Alishbah Aslam

The Academic Coordinators are responsible for assisting with all that falls under our VP Academic’s portfolio. That includes meeting with professors to create Course Profiles, allowing for the variety of profiles currently available, writing up blog posts, and sitting on the Awards Committee to help adjudicate our BSA Awards. They work hard to coordinate events that will help develop students' academic skills!

Marketing Team

Kaya Wang_mr1663631802769.jpg
Adly Azim.HEIC
Sarah_MarketingCoord (1).heic

Left to Right: Kaya Wang (VP Marketing), Adly Azim,  Sarah Sait, Ashley Whitaker

The Marketing Coordinators have had a major role as the BSA attempts to be more active and interactive on its social media accounts, with an emphasis on the BSA Instagram at @bsaucalgary. They design graphics for our social media accounts so students are well aware of what the BSA has going on, handle website maintenance and team pictures, and advertise all events as well as designing custom BSA merchandise every year.

Abdoullah Hleihel.HEIC
Myles Whelen.HEIC

Left to Right: Trinity Tam (Co-VP Professional Events), Myles Whelen (Co-VP Professional Events), Abdoullah Hleihel, Kshef Kamran, Elissa Awada, Asiya Arora

Professional Events Coordinators work with the VP Professional Events to plan and coordinate events related to your professional skills. More specifically, they propose ideas regarding events that the BSA should host in addition to helping facilitate each event. They also participate in weekly meetings, help contact professors and obtain event supplies.

Professional Events Team

Social Events Team

Emma McConnell.HEIC

Left to Right: Emma McConnell (VP Social Events, Ishmal Hamid, Alexandra Dvorak, Rachel Schneider

The Social Events Coordinators work closely with our VP Social Events to ensure that events are planned and executed smoothly. They think of new creative ideas to get students involved and plan for events, working to ensure that every student who attends a BSA event has a great time. At events, they try to ensure that each attendee is involved and feels welcome.

Outreach Team

Emily Chow.HEIC
Priyanka Grewal.jpg
SophieWu_OutreachCoord (2).heic

Left to Right: Emily Chow (VP Outreach), Priyanka Grewal, Chris Tiessen, Sophie Wu

Outreach Coordinators work to provide volunteering opportunities for BSA members outside of the university. They work hard to source external volunteering opportunities and have run many successful events in the past, including volunteering with the Mustard Seed!

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