The BioScientific Undergraduate Research Publication (BSURP)

The BSURP is a collection of research summaries detailing projects that University of Calgary Biological Sciences undergraduate students conducted between May 2020 and May 2021. Many students participate in research to enrich their degrees and to gain valuable experience in a laboratory environment.


The BSA started the BSURP during the 2020-21 year to highlight the amazing research done by Biological Sciences students, both within the Biological Sciences department and in other departments within the university. Projects covered a diverse range of innovative and inspiring topics. The goal of BSURP is not only to share the accomplishments of fellow students, but also to give other students insight into what research is about and encourage them to get involved! 

Stay tuned for announcements regarding submissions for the 2021-22 BSURP. Information will be posted in March 2022. For inquires about BSURP, please contact the BSA via email.

A massive thank you to everyone who submitted their research for the 2020-21 BSURP! Read it below, or hit the button to download.