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The Final Segment of our Science Representative Interviews!

We are pleased to present to you Hyatt, a fourth year Biological Sciences student passionate about advocating for students in the sciences. I had the pleasure to meet with her and ask her a few questions in which she shared her insights and her willingness to positively contribute to the experiences of students in science.

A little bit about Hyatt…

As mentioned earlier, she is a fourth year student in Biological Sciences. She is planning to graduate next year and is interested in pursuing a career in Naturopathic Medicine or the Holistic/Nutrition field. “I’m really into the holistic lifestyle and I think it’s really important that you take care of your well being and health not just conventionally but also holistically.” She is balancing a busy course load working towards completing her requirements while juggling her responsibilities as a faculty of Science representative.

What inspired you to join the SU?

“Since first year I always wanted to do it, but honestly, I was scared to do it since you do put yourself out there. But I’m so glad I did, because the reason I wanted to do it in the first place was just to help. As a first or second year student, you are not sure what the University realm is, and any help that you can get is really beneficial to you and can go a long way.”

Hyatt is dedicated to helping students and has reflected this through the platform she upholds as a representative. Her main three focus points are research, academic support and community engagement. She is currently working with the other representatives to create collaborative events for all the science students from their respective departments to celebrate their accomplishments at a Year End Science Gala. She incorporates her interest in holistic well being with her desire to help students by addressing not only the academic concerns such as research but also directing students to focus on their mental health by utilizing resources on campus such as the Wellness Center. Through all her initiatives, she maintains her focus on working towards helping students.

Advice for students?

“Take classes that you are interested in. I think that if you think a class is interesting and you like the topics you are more likely to do well in it than if you do a class that’s not interesting just because you thought it was easy.”

Additionally, Hyatt works hard to spread awareness and tips regarding the research opportunities widely available to science students. She has hosted a research workshop for the Undergraduate Research Symposium where students and professors from different departments discussed how students can get involved with research and their experiences in research. Hyatt advocates that research, for those students interested, is a great activity to participate in and shares tips and strategies for finding these opportunities.

Favourite part of the role...

“My favorite part is just talking to students. Seeing what they need help with, what issues they are having and how I can help and if I can help direct them to somebody. I know it can be so hard to find the direct person you need to help you through whatever you are going through.”

Through my interview with Hyatt, her desire to help students in any way she can is evident. Her welcoming personality and drive to help students within the faculty is exhibited in her role in various events and interactions with students.

To reach Hyatt you can email her at:

We look forward to seeing what Hyatt and the other science representatives are able to accomplish and wish them the best of luck!

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