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2023 BSA Award Recipients!

This year, the BSA awards recognized outstanding Biological Sciences students in areas of Undergraduate Research and Community Involvement. These excellent individuals were selected amongst several other competitive applicants for their exceptional work in their respective categories. Keep reading to learn more about this year's award recipients and their stories!

Undergraduate research - Kate Kennedy

Kate is an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary who is completing the third year of a zoology degree. She is passionate about production animal health and worked as a Laboratory and Field Work Assistant last summer with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Kate designed an experiment with funding from NSERC to study Streptococcus sp. biofilms and their contribution to mastitis infections in dairy cattle. This summer, Kate will be working with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as a Field Work and Data Assistant on a project that focuses on animal welfare and outdoor access for dairy cattle. After completing her undergraduate degree she plans to pursue a master's degree in zoology and attend veterinary school.

Community involvement - Ihncheol Jung

Ihncheol Jung is a fifth-year zoology major with a passion for science communication and wildlife conservation. He developed science communication skills as a peer mentor in invertebrate zoology and has applied these skills in introducing young students to zoology. He led an ant-keeping workshop for grade one students and an equine parasite workshop for high school students involving fieldwork techniques used for wild horses. As an active member of the Calgary Korean community, he led a summer camp for Korean elementary school students which introduced Canadian wildlife and its importance in Canadian culture. Through these activities, he aims to help develop students’ interest in zoological research. In addition to his science communication efforts, Ihncheol is active in protecting local ecosystems and wildlife. He has volunteered with the Friends of Fish Creek by watering native grasslands, restoring riparian ecosystems by planting native poplar trees, removing invasive plant species, and conducting fieldwork on ants spreading invasive seeds. He currently volunteers as a rescue driver and public awareness volunteer for the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation where he helps save wildlife impacted by human activities. Outside of science, Ihncheol helps integrate Korean immigrants into the Calgary community by volunteering at his local church where he is responsible for coordinating activities between Canadian and Korean Christians and maintaining financial records. As an animal lover and aspiring veterinarian, Ihncheol also volunteers at a local animal shelter and equine clinic.

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