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Study Spaces at the U of C

Hi! My name is Elisha Chan and I am one of the Academic Coordinators and am in my fourth year of the CMMB program. After four years on campus, I have been able to map out my ideal study spaces depending on the task! In this blog post, I will outline some quiet, moderate volume, and loud volume locations on the main campus to hopefully help you find the space you need to do your best work!

When I need a very quiet space to buckle down and focus on my work, I like to go to the fifth and sixth floors of TFDL. These are designated quiet study floors with a range of desk sizes available. I really enjoy the bigger desks because they all have plug-ins and allow me to spread out all of my books and laptop so I can see everything at once! The Bennett Jones Law Library is a quiet library near Murray Fraser Hall. There are fewer bigger workspaces but there are quite a few cubicles on the lower floor where you can hide away to get your work done! Lastly, Gallaher Library in Earth Sciences is not a designated quiet library, however, I find people in there are fairly quiet. If the main level is a bit too loud, there is a lower level with cubicles which are quieter where you can work.

If you are looking for a moderate volume location where you could collaborate on assignments in a calmer environment, I would recommend the Science Collaborative Space in Science Theatres. It is not huge, but if you are able to find a space to sit then it is a good location to work with others. It also has its own bathroom so you do not have to leave the area! Taylor Institute (between MacEwan Hall and Engineering) is a building that also has a moderate volume (sometimes being more on the hushed side). There are little “study studios” with tables and televisions so you can practice a presentation and work with others. There are also the “floating islands/pods” on the second level that are usually full, but if not, are a neat place to do your work! Lastly, EEEL is a moderate volume building that has a main area with tables and a giant staircase where many students like to study! A lot of natural light comes through the building which is a nice change from the typical harsh fluorescent indoor lights!

If you are someone who likes to work with some noise in the background or need a space to collaborate more loudly with your peers, second and third-floor TFDL might be for you! The second floor does not have much seating compared to the third floor but if you want to chat with friends and not be afraid to laugh out loud this is an appropriate location! Engineering Lounge is another location that is fairly loud (depending on the time of day)! It houses lots of seating and has some side areas with cubicles with plugins if you want to work on your own! Lastly, the tables in ICT can be quite populated and louder because of the nearby food places. However, many students do study or work here as well and it makes it convenient if you need a study snack break that the food places are right there ;)

In general, lots of buildings have workrooms that can be booked by students and so if you would like a more private space to work with others or yourself I would definitely recommend this! Also, if a classroom is empty, feel free to sit in there and do your work! I have done this many times in Science Theatres basement classrooms and the beauty is you get to choose what kind of environment you want the space to be. Good luck in finding the right space for you!

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