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BSURP 2022 Submissions Open

Hi, my name is Joan and I'm the BSA VP Academic this year. With the end of the term just around the corner, the Academic team has been hard at work wrapping up this year's projects and preparing for next year. One of our newest initiatives that is currently in its second year is the BioScientific Undergraduate Research Publication, better known as BSURP. It's a collection of professional research summaries for work done by undergraduate researchers in the Biological Sciences department. Submissions are now being accepted, and if you are a BioSci undergrad who has done research at any time since May 2021, we'd love to hear from you! Learn more and find out how to apply at

The BSURP is also a great way for students who haven't yet tried research to learn what it's all about-from a student's perspective! If you're curious about what research is like, check out last year's BSURP at We featured a diverse range of projects including educational computer games to bacterial infections in cystic fibrosis!

Many BioSci undergrads have taken summer research programs with funding available from NSERC and PURE, for example. In addition to that, many students undertake independent projects (507, 528, 530) that may culminate in the presentation of a thesis.

As I'm sure you've heard in many of your classes, especially if you've been studying at the U of C for a few years, getting undergraduate research experience is a great way to:

-find out if research is for you

-enhance your CV and make yourself stand out to potential employers or graduate school supervisors

-build upon skills you learn in course labs

Stay tuned for more updates about BSURP and other initiatives organized by the BSA!

BSURP logo. BSA 2022.

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